Pink Is Grey

Audrey Bacherius

Creative Communication Freelancer

Meerweg 103 A41
1601 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

+32 (0) 497 47 66 21

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Communication expert active for more than 15 years in the fields of sustainable textile, fashion, and conscious lifestyle, I have decided to put my skills at the service of sustainable companies, conscious businesses and startups which are in line with my personal values.

Visual beauty and design are my favourite areas. I pay special attention to pretty things, well chosen words and I like practising “LESS IS MORE”.

A team of super heroes. Even if I can work hard and a lot, creativity comes from sharing ideas with skilled people and thanks to team work. That’s why, I’m mostly never working alone.

According to the projects, the budgets and the needs I work with other very talented freelancers, designers, photographers, copywriters, video guys, developers. So you don’t need to look for the best ones… I already know them.

To define a universe to enter and make it evolve, I work “hand in hand” with my clients. It is a collaboration and an exchange rather than a service.

Visual Branding.

I create logos, guidelines, beautiful & powerful visuals in line with your business or brand, so you can stand out from the crowd.

Communication Strategy.

Define your vision, mission and values. I help you find and define the right tools to help your brand, business or company shine on any support.

Online Communication.

Want to go digital ? In this era, you can’t miss it. I create made-to-measure websites, with easy tools so you can manage them on your own.

Social Media & Content Management.

Finding your audience, creating and sharing the right content, connecting with your community. We plan and implement social content to make your business grow.