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Audrey Bacherius

Creative Communication Freelancer

Meerweg 103 A41
1601 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

+32 (0) 497 47 66 21

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Social Media & Content Management

Social media is probably the most mysterious tool. Do I really need it ? Why is it so important ? How can I reach people ?

Social strategy, content creation, building audience, connecting with a community,...

I won't promise things I can't really foresee, what I can promise is to create a successful and recognisable brand that your customers will understand, relate to and love! Thanks to some best practices and social strategies we will build your audience and connect with your community. Whether you want to do it yourself, I can coach you during several hours, so you can do it on your own. Or I can do it for you. The principle is simple. I develop (with you) a social strategy based on your needs, desires and budget to strengthen your online presence, to build and stay in touch with your audience & community.