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Audrey Bacherius

Creative Communication Freelancer

Meerweg 103 A41
1601 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

+32 (0) 497 47 66 21

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Creative minded.

I’m a positive, reliable and very enthusiastic person. I do things with my heart, whatever the field, I always keep my promises. Creative, I always have new ideas, new goals, and new initiatives, in groups or alone. My friends, the people I work with and my partner are a real source of inspiration. Art & music : resources for creation. When I have the opportunity, I like going to museums, performances or wherever there is something to learn.

Super organised.

As an active communication expert for 15 years, I have worked for different companies and brands. I’m passionate about visuals, colours, words, emotions. The challenge is how to express these for a brand, service or company in a way that is right for the market, people & clients. Thanks to my different experiences, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people, work in great teams, in different areas and fields, which brought me a wealth of experience in my professional and personal life. I’m super organised, which allows me to work on different kinds of projects at the same time without losing time frames and deadlines.

Vision, Mission and Values

As a communication expert I develop communication strategies, visuals and tools for conscious business, sustainable brands and startups in Belgium, in Europe and abroad. I aim for visual beauty, sparkling ideas, pragmatical planning and down-to-earth projects. I offer made-to-measure services according to the business, the needs and the budgets. My speciality? All shades of communication. From logos, to graphical guidelines, visuals, photography, websites, social content and digital strategy, copy, and all printable material. You can call me a “make it happen-er” in pragmatical ways. Together with you, I develop your creative idea into a real outstanding communication.







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